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Mobile Phone Division
Leveraging advanced technology to provide a capital solution that enhances purchasing power

Our Mobile Phone Division's launch into the mobile phone re-selling market presents a unique opportunity for the Mobile Phone Division to become a significant player in the funding of inventory for the refurbished mobile phone and electronics market. Mobile Phone Division has developed a bespoke technology solution, which is an adaptation of its offering in the e-commerce sector, that has created a significant opportunity for Mobile Phone Division to tap into this market and fuel growth. 

The refurbished mobile phone and electronics market is experiencing significant growth

Driven by consumers' increasing preference for cost-effective alternatives and sustainable options, this trend has created a unique opportunity for retailers specializing in refurbished devices. However, accessing the necessary inventory funding to meet this surging demand can be a challenge. That's where our Mobile Phone Division steps in, offering a dynamic and innovative solution. Through its offering, retailers, and wholesalers in the space can benefit from seamless access to inventory financing, enabling them to expand their product offerings, improve their cash flow, and meet the evolving needs of their customers, presenting an exciting prospect for retailers looking to capitalize on the thriving market for refurbished mobile phones and electronics.



Knowledge and understanding of unique industry requirements

Understanding a business's unique requirements is essential for success, enabling tailored strategies and informed decision-making to optimize performance and navigate industry-specific challenges.

Comprehensive assessment of product inventory portfolios

Our thorough evaluation process meticulously assesses the product inventory portfolios of each business. This enables us to make informed recommendations, identify opportunities for improvement, and maximize the value and profitability of the products.

A complete e-commerce backend solution designed to promote product optimization

Our e-commerce backend solution maximizes product optimization, offering a comprehensive range of tools and features for streamlined management and increased sales potential. 

We support retailers, wholesalers, and distributors through a combination of B2B and B2C solutions

We empower retailers, wholesalers, and distributors with a powerful combination of B2B and B2C solutions to drive sales. By seamlessly integrating these solutions, businesses can effectively expand their customer base, optimize sales processes, and maximize revenue potential.


Driving business growth within the $55.7 bn.
used mobile phone and accessories market

With Forever 8's offering, retailers not only gain access to inventory financing but also benefit from a seamless integration e-commerce, inventory management, and logistics. This holistic approach eliminates the need for multiple third-party services and simplifies operations for retailers, empowering them to focus on growing their business. Forever 8 offers a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the e-commerce journey, from inventory management to order fulfillment, enabling retailers to thrive in the competitive refurbished mobile phones and electronics market.

Transforming retail and supply chain management
for refurbished electronics

Forever 8 not only provides retailers and wholesalers with inventory financing, but also supports supply chain management, logistics, inventory control, and reordering processes. This comprehensive approach addresses the pressing challenges faced by retailers in the rapidly expanding refurbished mobile phones and electronics market, enabling them to scale their operations and capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunity ahead.

Mobile Phone Funding

Your complete backend
e-commerce solution

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