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Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management: Forever 8 and Ferguson Containers.


Committed to Growth and Innovation

Eightco is focused on driving growth and innovation through the strategic acquisition and management of technology. Its subsidiaries include Forever 8, a cash flow management platform for e-commerce sellers, and Ferguson Containers, a provider of complete manufacturing and logistical solutions for product and packaging needs. With a mission to identify and acquire businesses with untapped potential and develop strategies to scale them to new heights, Eightco is dedicated to delivering value to customers and shareholders. The company believes that by staying focused on its priorities and embracing innovation, it is well positioned for success. 


Building a Strong Foundation:

Eightco's Diverse Subsidiary Portfolio


Unlock Your Cash Flow with Forever 8's E-commerce Solution

Forever 8 offers a cash flow management platform for e-commerce sellers, helping them unlock cash from their inventory and allowing them to focus on growing their business without traditional capital limitations. With its innovative solution, Forever 8 provides a crucial tool for e-commerce sellers to achieve financial stability and success.

Today's Packaging Solutions for Tomorrow's Needs

For over 50 years Ferguson Containers has provided complete logistical solutions for product and packaging needs. With a focus on high quality packaging and corrugated display solutions, it creates cost effective products from its US based manufacturing facility.

Our Leadership Team

Having accumulated decades of collective experience across a variety of fields, our leadership team is the source of our success.

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